Jimmy Butler: The Ball Stops Bouncing – The Cameras Start Rolling

Jimmy Butler, an NBA shooting guard/small forward who began his career with the Chicago Bulls in 2011. He had his breakout campaign during the 2014-15 season and was rewarded with his first career All-Star nod as well as the NBA’s Most Improved Player Award. In 2017, he was traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves.  As playing for the Timberwolves just for one year he wants out and is willing to give up his player option in years to come to do to 1 of 3 teams. The New York Knicks, the Brooklyn Nets and lastly the Los Angeles Clippers.

Jimmy Butler first was thinking about a trade in the middle of last season because he felt, despite his talents, he wasn’t getting paid enough money.  He was getting frustrated with the time he was putting in as a whole with the team and felt like he was being treated correctly. With the season coming to an end, he finally went away with his trade ideas and went against his contract and opened up his options after seeing the dramatic change in the NBA over the past year.  After interviewing many students and faculty of CHC I narrowed my list of answer down to two people. In asking Cam Ciolfi a CHC student some questions about the trade rumors and he gave his honest opinion. He thinks that Jimmy Butler would do his best if he was traded to the New York Knicks. Cam thinks his career following the trade would be aided because he would overall make the team better statistically.  He still thinks no matter what team Jimmy Butler ends up on he will still indeed make the All-Star Team and eventually become an All-Star Starter. Cam, along with others, thinks that Jimmy Butler would still average 20 or more points no matter what team picks him up in the near future. But what Cam really wants Jimmy Butler to do is “combine with Lebron James and go to his favorite team the Lakers because it would give him the best chance to win the championship that he has yet to win.”

The next person I interviewed about this topic was none other than Mr. Greg Angilly,  CHC Dean of Students. And he agrees with Cam thinking Jimmy Butler would fit in best with the Knicks if he ends up getting traded.  But no matter what, if he does get traded, he will be hindered because none of the three teams can contend in the playoffs or in the regular season like the Timberwolves did in the past year.  Mr. Angilly does not think Jimmy Butler would make the All-Star team if he is on the Knicks, but he still thinks that Jimmy should leave the Timberwolves because he will likely not win or get the Western Conference finals with trying to compete with the Lakers, the Rockets, and the Warriors.  


With Jimmy’s talent, Christian thinks that he will still indeed average his career average in points with between 15 and 20 points per game.  And lastly, when asking what his favorite team was, he said, “The Knicks. I would love to have Jimmy Butler apart of their organization because on what they’ve done in the past seasons they can use all the help they can get.  Christian Moore Thinks that he should be traded to the Brooklyn Nets. His reasoning was that he thinks he has the Brooklyn mindset and overall could possibly help them get better and bring more superstars there. In asking Christian if he will be aided or hindered from any of these trades he thought he would be aided enormously, because with the teams that are willing to take Jimmy Butler they are big market franchises.