LeBron James Takes Lead Role in Space Jam Sequel


The TuneSquad gathers to meet their new teammate: LeBron James. When Josh Holland was asked about LeBron James, he said, “He is the GOAT!” LeBron’s new teammates have high expectations for the new member of their squad. Photo Credits: Slate.com, Consequenceofsound.net, and nssmag.com

LeBron James is the new face of the NBA. Ever since Michael Jordan left the league, LeBron has been known as the greatest basketball player of his era. LeBron James just recently joined the Los Angeles Lakers and looks to start the next part of his basketball career, following previous Lakers greats such as Magic Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal, and Kobe Bryant. Michael Jordan was the star player on the TuneSquad in the 1996 film Space Jam. Since Michael Jordan was the star player on the TuneSquad and helped them save the galaxy from the monsters, it only makes sense that LeBron will join the TuneSquad in the sequel.

LeBron James has been acting for quite some time now, working on 10 films. Space Jam 2 is scheduled to start filming after the 2018-2019 season and to be released in 2020. In Space Jam, the box office made a total of $230.4 million worldwide. LeBron James looks to make much more in the Space Jam sequel. Ryan Coogler is the director of  Space Jam 2; Ryan Coogler directed the movie Black Panther as well as the movie Creed 2 which comes into theatres November 21, 2018. It is unknown who will be the monsters that Lebron will face to try and save the galaxy once again. Josh Holland (22’), Neal Kezman (22’), Taz Thompson (22’), Dajour Rucker (19’), Madisen Patrick (19’), and Kenny Schaedel (19’) were asked who should play the monsters in Space Jam 2. Their answers included Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State Warriors, Dennis Rodman, and Michael Jordan. Since Michael Jordan was the star in the first Space Jam, it has been said that it is only right that LeBron James has to defeat Michael Jordan to save the galaxy.

When students in the Cape Henry community were asked if they were excited for Space Jam 2, all 6 that were interviewed answered that they were excited about Lebron James starring in the sequel and that they were definitely going to see it when it comes into theatres. When Dajour Rucker (19’) was asked why he was excited about LeBron James starring in Space Jam 2, his answer was, “Because as of right now, he is the closest player to the former star Michael Jordan.” In the original Space Jam, comedian Bill Murray was Michael Jordan’s teammate on the TuneSquad which gave the movie an extra comic factor to it. Josh Holland (22’), Neal Kezman (22’), Taz Thompson (22’), Dajour Rucker (19’), Madisen Patrick (19’), and Kenny Schaedel (19’) were asked who should play the role alongside of Lebron James instead of Bill Murray in Space Jam 2, their answers included, Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart, Gregg Popovich, and Kevin Durant. Undoubtedly, all of those actors would include that comic factor that was included with Bill Murray in Space Jam.

Finally, the students were asked if they would rather have any other athletes star in Space Jam 2, they all said no because they believe that LeBron James is the perfect star. When Dajour Rucker (19’) was asked if he had any other things he wanted to add about Space Jam 2,  he said, “They should beat the monsters once again.” In the meantime, we will have to wait and see what happens as LeBron James tries to save the galaxy against the monsters in 2020 when Space Jam 2 reaches theatres.