Calm Before, During, and After the Storm

Students Enjoy Unexpected Time Off From School

Hurricane Florence is a deadly storm that hit the south-east states including North Carolina, South Carolina, and parts of Virginia. Hallie Friedman and Gabriella Gianascoli, both Class of ‘19, expressed their thoughts on Hurricane Florence. Both Hallie and Gabriella have family and friends that would be affected by the storm. Hallie said that she had friends from BBYO who lived in North Carolina and they were evacuating. Gabriella has family being affected in Chapel Hill, who moved more inland to be safe.

When asked what they and their families did to prepare for the storm, they responded with “not much”! Hallie said that besides filling her car’s tank with gas, her family did nothing to prepare. Her family knew that if they lost power, they would just come over to my house because we have a generator. Gabriella’s family, however, bought many water jugs and a lot of food. Gabriella has expressed that she has been “having the time of her life” this past week because we haven’t had school. Hallie also states that it was nice because she wasn’t expecting the days off. Both girls can also agree that the only downside to having the week off is all the homework they were assigned. Both Hallie and Gabriella have been through a hurricane before and aren’t extremely nervous for Florence to hit. When asked if they are planning on donating money to the places and people affected by Hurricane Florence, they answered honestly. Hallie stated, “Although I want to in my head, I know I won’t.” Gabriella said that she would love to if she knew how to do it. Overall Gabriella, Hallie, and I are hoping that everyone stays safe as the storm hits land.

Another student that I talked to about the hurricane was Parker Tanner-Vigil, Class of ‘19. He said thankfully he didn’t have any friends or family getting directly hit or affected badly by the hurricane. His family, however, did do things to prepare. They bought a generator and lots of water. Parker has loved missing school. He says that even though he has had a lot of work, that doesn’t bother him because he has more time to do it now. Parker also claims that he isn’t nervous for this one to hit because he has already been through one before. When asked if he was planning to donate to help people and places affected by this hurricane, Parker enthusiastically responded that he had already donated money.