Izzy Ezagui – The Picture of Perseverance

September 6th, 2018, was a special day in the Cape Henry community as we welcomed our first distinguished speaker of the year. His name was Izzy Ezagui, and he was an Israeli soldier who was the first ever soldier to return to combat after losing a limb. Cape Henry student, Logan Tucker, ‘19, explained that it was remarkable how well Izzy adapted to everyday life after such a life-changing injury. This is why he believes the most important lesson to take from the speaker is that “you can do anything if you set your mind to it.” It was not easy at first, but after lots of perseverance through this rough chapter in his life, Izzy was able to return to combat after overcoming countless obstacles. The one word that Logan used to describe Izzy was “inspiring” because if he could overcome such hardships, then so could anyone else.