Izzy Ezagui – A Fascinating Man with a Powerful Story

When asked for her thoughts on Izzy Ezagui, a fascinating man with a powerful story, Lexia Hann (‘19) thought that “he was full of humor, and had an interesting life and story to share. He has made the best of a bad situation and has provided insight for other people.” Lexia was inspired by our speaker’s “ability to persevere through something that was truly terrible.” Kate Shepherd (‘21) shared similar thoughts about Izzy Ezagui by saying that she was “extremely captivated throughout his story and felt no urge to fidget with anything” to keep her occupied. When asked what Kate would like to see in a distinguished speaker in the future, she hopes to “see someone come in who is super passionate about zoo animals” because that is what she is into. With a history of attracting great Distinguished Speakers, Cape Henry will certainly keep bringing in all sorts of stories for us all to enjoy.