Hurricane Florence Brings Uncertainty, Stress, and Loads of Work

With Four Days of Missed School, Teachers Challenge Students with Online Work

After asking and doing more research on Hurricane Florence, I asked Morgan Jones (’19) about some of the questions that were going through my mind about Hurricane Florence.  She said what she was most afraid of was knowing the fact that she might have to evacuate, and in a short time, find a safe location for not only her and her family but also her pets.  Minus her being scared, she was happy with missing school but also was annoyed with the extra online homework that was piled up on her. I asked if she was surprised by the outcome of the hurricane so far, and she responded, “I’m very surprised because I got so worked up and turned out it was barely going to hit us anymore. It turned from a category 5 to a category 2 in two days.” Lastly, she said the storm was not nearly as bad as it seemed, she didn’t have to evacuate, and she didn’t lose power.

Brynn Earl (’21) gave her personal opinions on how this storm has affected her, her family, and friends.  When she first heard about the storm, she feared mostly for her closest friends and family that could potentially be harmed.  With CHC canceling school in preparation for the hurricane, she said she was happy for the cancellation of school but was enormously stressed out with the amount of makeup work that she had to complete.  She was surprised in the outcome of the hurricane because the news and many experts said that it was going to be a catastrophic event that really can’t be changed. However, the days following the hurricane went from a Category 5 to a Category 2. Lastly, for us, the storm was dying down way sooner than anyone thought. Thankfully, she said her family didn’t have to evacuate up to this moment of the storm.