Cleveland Browns Open the Season with a Tie

The Cleveland Browns started the 2018-19 season off tying with the Pittsburgh Steelers. This may not seem like a big deal, but that is their best start to a season since 2004. Over the past 2 seasons, the Browns have had a combined record of 1-31.

When Cole Downs(‘21) was asked what he thought of the Browns starting the season off with a tie instead of a loss he said, “I feel that it’s a good sign for the direction of this team even though it was a tie.” The Browns made a controversial call by starting a Tyrod Taylor over the first overall pick by the name of Baker Mayfield. Jacob Colbus(‘18) graduated from Cape Henry last year and is now playing baseball at Shenandoah University. When he was asked what he thought of that call he said, “I think it was smart of them to start Tyrod Taylor because he is a veteran quarterback. Baker will learn from him but eventually take the starting job.”

Both Cole and Jacob were asked what they thought the Browns overall record would be this year at the end of the season, and Jacob’s response was “3-12-1”, while Cole’s was a better “8-7-1”. Either one of those records would be better than their record over the past 2 years, so we will have to wait and see later on in the season!