Izzy Ezagui – Brave, Daring, and a Little Lucky

With CHC welcoming another extraordinary speaker in Izzy Ezagui, some of the CHC staff and students had a lot to say with him coming to speak to us. 

Greg Angilly (Upper School Dean of Students) stated that “ the most inspiring thing about Izzy was his mental and physical drive and his overall competitiveness.”  What Mr. Angilly thought about the lessons he taught to us as a school was that when you put your mind to something, you can virtually do anything no matter the setbacks you face in your future.  Lastly, Izzy is a true representation of what we could accomplish if we are brave, daring, and a little lucky.

Excited to meet the new distinguished speaker in Izzy Ezagui, Parker Tanner Vigil said the thing that stood out most about him when he heard him speak before his actual speech was that his tone of voice made his bravery and rebel side come out quite a bit.  After the speech, I asked Parker once again about Ezagui’s impression on him and he said, “He is caring, funny, controversial and he is because he made jokes about himself and the failures in his life that got him to where he is today.” The purpose of CHC having distinguished speakers so often is because it reminds the students that successful people in any kind of business almost started in the same shoes as you.