Athlete of the Week – Aedan Somers – Class of 2019

This week’s Athlete of the Week, Junior Aedan Somers, has been an anchor for the Dolphin wrestling program since his freshman year, but his reputation in the area has evolved tremendously throughout his years with Cape Henry. Wrestling in a deep and illustrious program, talent can often be undervalued in the early years. However, Aedan has dedicated himself to the time and work it takes to be a known and respected presence, not only in the TCIS, but on every mat he wrestles.

Aedan is currently leading his team in wins on the season with 29, while the Junior wrestler has only been defeated eight times. This year, his hard work and dedication to the sport has allowed him to boast the #2 spot in the TCIS and #5 in VISAA.

“Aedan is our most committed wrestler and he does not miss the chance to get better. He has missed the least amount of practices and has battled through pain and sickness to miss the least amount of competitions,” Head Coach Jack Effner said of Aedan. “He does not only attend practice and competition, but he works consistently without taking time off in the wrestling room or the fitness room.”

The committed Junior earned a 3rd place finish in the Norfolk Academy Invitational and a 1st place finish in the Fred Diem Invitational earlier this season.

“I think he displays a well above average maturity level. He does not allow others to distract him from his goals and does not let circumstances interfere with what needs to be done,” Coach Effner added of Aedan. “He has a great work ethic and his dedication is seen each day. He never makes excuses; he goes about his business and finds a way.”

This was apparent in his match with Peninsula Catholic’s Landon Kissell. In obvious discomfort, Aedan would not let the pain prevent him from giving his all for the Dolphin program. Aedan pulled out a 3-2 decision over the respected wrestler from Peninsula Catholic.

Coach Effner proclaimed, “He consistently displays self-discipline in his actions, choices, and words. He is just always prepared, on time, and his work-first, play-second mentality will make him a tremendous leader and a force for many years to come.” Effner continued, “Above all, he has proven to be a great friend to all and has displayed the best sportsmanship when things go well, as well as in adversity. I think he is a poster child for CHC!”

Aedan and the Dolphins currently share the Regular Season Conference title with NA and PC but with the TCIS Championships set for the weekend, Aedan looks to claim the #1 132 lbs. spot as the Dolphins look to stand alone atop of the TCIS.