Carson Averette – Athlete of the Week – October 27, 2017

This week’s Athlete of the Week, senior Carson Averette, may not always be heard on the field, but his presence is undoubtedly felt. Whether setting up teammates or beating opponents with skill, Carson always keeps a single thought in the front of his mind: team first.


“This is a story about Carson Averette, that means it is about the team,” Head Coach Dave Brun says. “Carson is the perfect piece in our band, and it is a big band. Everyone gets to play and Carson makes sure of that, he is the conductor.” Coach Brun continued, “His gift is knowing the moment. He is the glue to this team, and we have become a strong cohesive unit because of this. I’ve never watched more attractive, team oriented Futbol.”


Last week, the Dolphins won two games to end the regular season undefeated in conference play. Carson is the main contributor to this team atmosphere. He finished the season in the top three for assists, with 13. Along with his 13 assists, Carson tallied five goals for a total of 23 points this season. What makes Carson special is the pure selflessness in which he plays the sport.


“He’s the most competitive kid, ever,” Assistant Coach Brian Facemire said of Carson. “But it is not enough for Carson to win if his teammates, who earn it everyday in practice, cannot take part on the field.”


“I can’t tell you the number of games, I was figuring in my head how to get everyone on the field,” added Brun. “ Every time, Carson was there, reaffirming who has played well and who has worked hard.”


The Dolphins enter the TCIS Finals match with an overall record of 17-2, and Carson is a huge piece of the success the Dolphin Soccer Program has seen this season. With Carson Averette manning the middle of the field, the Dolphins look to earn a victory versus the Bulldogs of Norfolk Academy in the TCIS finals match before heading to the state tournament.