Grayson Browning – Athlete of the Week – September 29, 2017

Cape Henry Volleyball has seen a fair share of stars throughout the years, but Grayson Browning may be the most dominant of all. Being a tall and lanky 6 feet 5 inches, Grayson very much looks the part of a top-level volleyball player, however, his talent on the court shows that he does so much more than just look the part. Grayson’s leadership and dominant play has the Dolphins off to a 9-2 start to the season.

“It started over the weekend at the Endless Summer Tournament where he amassed 70 kills while leading us to a top 5 finish, the highest a CHC boys volleyball team has ever finished in the tournament,” Head coach Adam Dierstein said of Grayson’s performance. “This continued into Tuesday’s match, where we defeated #3 Princess Anne behind Grayson’s 35 kills and 6 blocks. Grayson topped off the week with 18 kills, 2 aces and 1 block in a win against Tallwood,” coach Dierstein continued. “Totaling over 100 kills in less than a week is a dominant week in Volleyball, by any standards.”

Last year, he was already a very good player. Grayson was often the best player on the court. This season, he has become a dominating player who, without a doubt, is the best player on the court for either team. Grayson currently leads the Dolphins in kills, blocks, and aces. The stats and recognition are immaterial to him; all that matters to Grayson is doing what it takes to make Dolphins better.

Coach Adam Dierstein said, “Grayson has such a great even-keeled attitude, love for volleyball, and love for being around his teammates; and, regardless of talent, he has been a pleasure to coach.” Dierstein continued, “Grayson is being pursued by several collegiate volleyball programs. If he chooses, I have no doubt Grayson will be successful playing volleyball at the collegiate level.”

Already proven, Grayson will never shy away from the pressure and responsibility of being the best on the court. His hitting may be what grabs everyone’s attention, but Grayson is capable of so much more on and off the court. Grayson and the Dolphins look to continue the success throughout the 2017-2018 Volleyball season!