Kendall Hathaway – Athlete of the Week – September 8, 2017

When you combine pure athleticism with determination, you are left with Kendall Hathaway. This week’s Athlete of the Week has always welcomed the thrill of competition on and off the field. As a senior field hockey captain, Kendall has never needed permission to compete.

“To her, everything can be and is a competition. She wants to win and she expects her teammates to act and feel the same way –ALL of the time.” Kristen Wheeler said of Kendall. “As coaches, we literally have to give the girls permission to throw down, to scrap, to fight. We’ve never had to give Kendall permission to do that. She goes after it every day, practice or game, with 100% competitiveness.”

When Kendall’s intense competitive edge is united with her pure athletic ability, she becomes an unrivaled force on the turf.

“You would be hard-pressed to find a more pure athlete, period,” head coach Kristen Wheeler continued. “From a physical point of view Kendall is fit, fast, and strong. She is light on her feet, can change direction on a dime, and her natural speed literally just blows opponents away.” Kendall’s athletic and competitive qualities were on display in Cape Henry’s season opener against #8 Ocean Lakes High School. With her third Athlete of the Week selection, it is easy to see the value Kendall adds to any athletic team.

Playing a large, ranked, Virginia Beach public school for a season-opening game is nerve-racking. For Kendall, she was right at home. “Every time Ocean Lakes responded with a goal, Kendall would answer back with an inspiring play on the field,” Wheeler continued. “The most awe-inspiring moment of the game came when a teammate cleared a ball up to Kendall, who received the ball around the 50 yard line. From there Kendall used her speed, determination, competitiveness, and strength to single-handedly eliminate multiple field players to enter the shooting circle, and finish with a goal.”

The Dolphins are looking for Kendall to continue her growth and success throughout her senior season. Kendall currently leads the team with two goals on the season and is poised to tack on many more this season. There is no doubt Kendall Hathaway will be ready for whatever is thrown her way throughout the 2017 Dolphin Season!