#1 Runner in Virginia is in our CHC community

Owen Richards has been the talk, athletically, in the Cape Henry community in the past few weeks. Owen has performed phenomenally as a member of the Cross Country team this year. Not just a member, but also as a co-captain, Owen has gracefully led his team with his contagious leadership and undying effort. Teammate Madisen Patrick admires Owen’s humor that he radiates while competing. She shared how “he especially entertains us when he is the first to come across the finish line and dabs.” Early in the season, Owen set a new 5k record for Cape Henry right off the bat. That itself shows the commitment that Owen puts into his personal goals. Aside from his amazing 16:23 5k time, Owen has also been the top runner in each race he has competed in. With a comfortable lead in each race, Owen allows the rest of his team to push themselves further beyond their personal best. “He never has failed to cheer us on during the races, and has inspired us with his passion for running as he is one of the only people you will see smiling during each race,” Madisen states.

At the beginning of the season, Owen ran the third fastest 5k time in the state. Being named 3rd place was an amazing place, yet Owen knew he could reach higher… compelling him to set his next goal: to be placed first. As the season progressed and his times cut down each race, he found himself placed in the first place spot for the fastest time in the state by the end of the season. Needless to say, the outcome that Owen ended the season with, is beyond amazing and so much to be proud of.

Shortly after the state tournament wrapped up for Cape Henry, Owen along with his fellow teammate Rex Serpe were asked to compete in a regional race. They competed in this race aiming to place in a spot against the top runners in the region. Owen had no trouble placing in this race, successfully finishing in the 4th spot. This named Owen to be the 4th fastest runner in the southwest region.

Off of the cross country course, Owen has a composed personality and keeps himself focused and driven to his academics in the classroom. In our Cape Henry community, he is respected tremendously. His peers, teachers, and coaches respect his very impressive talent on the cross country course and also his dedication to our community. “He is never the person to gloat or brag about the goals he has accomplished,” Madisen adds about his character. The respect that Owen gives to the community and to his sport has represented Cape Henry so positively. The optimistic character that Owen carries in himself is something that allows others around him to react the same way. As his teammates say, “Owen is overall a great person” and someone that everyone should get the chance to know.

The teammates, peers, coaches, and teachers of Owen all could agree that he is a person that strengthens our community tremendously and influences every individual that he meets, on the course and off. Owen is a runner well beyond many, but more importantly a humble and valued member of our community that has earned such an appreciated role here.