Lighthouse Staff

Based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, The Lighthouse is the student-run publication for the Upper School of Cape Henry Collegiate. We are a small staff, but we are dedicated to provoking thought and discussion in our student body. This is our sixth year as an online publication.

2018-2019 Staff

Kiara Baxter        Alexandra Land

Michael Russo    Elena Duncan

Dajour Rucker     Aiden Kuhle

Connor Clay         Hallie Friedman

John Ermini         Makenna DeTorres

Morgan Jones      Gabriella Gianascoli


2017-2018 Staff

Kiara Baxter        Alexandra Land

Julie Reid            Rileigh Ramirez

Philip Usonis       Travis Horvath


2016-2017 Staff

Haley Jernigan     Kelly Schmudde

Masha Root           Madison Smith

Iziah James           Jacob Konikoff

Julie Reid              Patrick Jones

Corey Jones          Alexandra Land

Brett Dudley         Kiara Baxter


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Lighthouse Staff