CHC Alumni Update – Taisho Miller – Class of 2019

CHC Alumni Update Series – Where Are They Now?

Taisho Miller - Class of 2019

Taisho Miller – Class of 2019

Where are you now?

Taisho currently attends Hampden Sydney and is enjoying winter break at home until January 14th


What do you love about your life now?

He enjoys the amount of freedom he has in his life and how he is able to do things on his own time. 


What is the best part of college?

The best part for Taisho is being around the people he likes and that share the same interests as him.


What are you studying/what is your major?

He is currently majoring in Biology and hopes to become an athletic trainer.


What do you miss about CHC?

The thing he misses most at Cape Henry is his friends.


Which classes or teachers do you remember most?

He remembers Tracey Pinkin, his Anatomy and Physiology teacher. She was the one who encouraged him to become an athletic trainer. 


What advice do you have for seniors?

It is okay to not know what you are going to study when you get to college. It is perfectly fine to take your time and to enjoy the time you have.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

He sees himself starting his master’s degree in becoming an athletic trainer. 


What is your best memory of CHC?

He remembers when his cousin had brain surgery in fourth grade, and the whole fourth-grade class wrote letters to her wishing her good luck even though they had never met her.