#BestYearEver with Mrs. Liz Stello

The year is already off to a great start for Mrs. Liz Stello, Director of College Counseling.  Her highlight of the first week back at school was the Kick-Off at the Cape. She said, “As a faculty parent, I saw more student participation – especially seniors – than I’ve ever seen before and it made my two little kids feel incredibly excited about Pre-K and 1st Grade.  However, Mrs. Stello has had a difficult time adjusting to her normal routine of “early mornings and late nights and getting out the door by a specific time.”

The most exciting thing that Mrs. Stello is looking forward to this year is the new Common Experience program that will take place after Advisory on Mondays this year.  “Ms. Baytops and I are running the Common Experience programs for seniors during the first semester and juniors during the second semester,” she said. “I’m really excited to do more College Counseling programming in those sessions so they’re in a great place going forward.”  


Mrs. Stello is also happy to have both of her children here, Will (‘31) and Maggie (‘34).  Sharing similar thoughts to most people at Cape Henry, Mrs. Stello also shared that it’s “a really caring place to come to school, both as an employee and as a parent and even as a student. Everybody cares about being here and about each other.”