#BestYearEver with Zach Earl – Class of 2021


Caption: Zach ran with the rest of the Cross Country team on Wednesday, September 4, 2019, at Mount Trashmore, finishing the race in 4th place.

Entering his junior year, Zach Earl approaches a busy time in his high school career.  Though he will certainly be occupied by his schoolwork and three-season athletic involvement, Zach’s highlight of returning to school has been resuming Cross Country and “getting to lead the team and also getting to see all my teammates and friends.”  He’s also looking forward to being on the Indoor Track and Track and Field teams later this year.


He shared that his biggest challenges this year will be math and physics, which he is taking alongside anatomy.  “I don’t know how that’s going to go for me, but… I really wanted to be in Mr. Rodgers’s class again” – Zach was in his chemistry class last year – “and I also really wanted to build one of those machines,” referring to the Rube Goldberg project Mr. Rodgers’s students complete each year.


Lastly, when asked about why Cape Henry is the best place to go to school, Zach had one word to say: “Community.”  He added, “Since it’s a really small school everyone knows everybody and you can get really close to a large group of people.”  As this is his thirteenth year at CHC, it’s clear that the core values of Cape Henry have been instilled in Zach.