The Aftermath of Hurricane Dorian


After Hurricane Dorian, storm surge raised waters above the dock of a Cape Henry student.

Hurricane Dorian came barreling down to Virginia Beach early on Friday morning. Fortunately, we got the end of the storm, but others in different areas were greatly affected more than Virginia Beach was. However, the winds were high during the storm and so was the water. Trees blocked roads, hit power lines, and some cars. Nothing major. Hearing what the students and faculty at  Cape Henry had to say about the storm was nothing out of the ordinary. Mainly all students and most faculty were very happy to be able to get a day off due to the Dorian; however, everyone wanted the storm to not make as much damage as it did to other places. Power outages, a decent amount of flooding, but the worst of all was the storm surge that followed the hurricane. The surge led waters way over where the normal beach normally stands, especially at the bay. Hopefully, the beach will recover for the next tourist season, or Cape Henry’s next trip to go clean trash on the beach!