Chris Singleton’s Message


At Cape Henry Collegiate Wednesday, motivational speaker, Chris Singleton, spoke to the school about his mother’s death and how he handles it with “love is stronger than hate”.

Reese Meyer, a senior, had a quite few to say about Chris. Reese said he was inspired by how Chris was able to forgive Dylann Roof for killing his mother, and he respects Mr. Singleton for doing such a thing. Reese says kids in our community including himself should be more forgiving and more positive towards each other. Reese says we need motivational speakers to keep Cape Henry a good place. 

Halle Speight, a senior, thought very highly of Mr. Singleton. Halle said Mr. Singleton had the whole audience engaged and she said she was very engaged herself. She said Chris inspired our whole community as a whole and she thinks that motivational speakers like Chris, help bond the students of Cape Henry.

Connor Garrison, a senior at Cape Henry, had great thoughts on our motivational speaker. Connor said he has great respect for the way Mr. Singleton used forgiveness and he was also inspired when Chris said everyone is 90% the same, only 10% is different. Connor said after Chris’s speech, he said everyone should treat everyone the way they want to be treated.