Reactions to Chris Singleton’s Message

On Wednesday 9/11, Chris Singleton came and spoke to the entire upper school about his life story and a message for the school. Neal Kezman (‘21) had lots to say about our speaker. In Chris Singleton’s life message some things stood out to Neal, “His forgiveness of people who did him wrong.” Neal described Chris in one word, “Absolute Legend because of the impact he leaves on the people he speaks too.” Neal also felt the impact when he asked Chris for pointers about facing struggle and adversity in baseball, “Chris told me a couple of things that I can work on to get my mind off those struggles and move forward.” Neal is very happy that Chris came here and gave us an amazing speech. 

Former baseball player Chris Singleton came to CHC on 9/11 and spoke about his life story and a simple message that he has. Josh Holland (‘22) was blown away by how strong and courageous that Chris is and was. Josh mentioned, “It really struck me how he can be nice to everyone even if you don’t agree with them.” Josh talked about how what Chris said hit him in a place that also made him think about how he acts, “I need to be more positive and friendly. And forgive the people who have done me wrong.” Josh is excited to take what Chris has talked about and is ready to put it to use in his life. 

Bryce Jones (‘20) was hit with emotion when he heard of Chris Singletons’ story. Bryce says he never took his focus off of what Chris had to say. Bryce was asked about why he thinks CHC brings in guest speakers. “I think they are almost essential to help make the CHC community better.” When asked what specifically he said, “It seems to teach us how good we really have it and that we shouldn’t take how lucky we are for granted.” Bryce was confident in the thought of these speakers being good for cape and our growth as a community. Bryce was then asked who would he like to see in the future, “More speakers like Chris or other ex-athletes who are now motivational speakers with a good story.” Bryce also learned a lot about forgiveness from what Chris said and is ready to see how he can improve that in his life.