Thoughts on Chris Singleton’s Message


After the speech of Chris Singleton, Isabella Beggs (’21) was pretty impressed. She said it is amazing how to forgive someone and how Chris forgives someone who kills his mom. She concludes that our school’s students and teachers can learn that we are able to forgive as much as possible. Isabella thinks that Chris Singleton is a strong man because he was getting over his mother’s passing. The purpose of this lecture is to teach cape henry students about another person’s perspectives on life. Isabella wants more speakers like survivors from World War. 

Jasper Wu (’21) is also impressed by Chris’s sentence “you cannot change your 10% of your life”. He learns that we should try our best to forgive others. Jasper thinks that Chris Singleton is a very positive person because of the way he looks at life. Jasper thinks that Cape Henry in “Distinguished Speakers” because it encourages every student. He wants more positive energy speakers to come to CHC. 

Chris’s calm attitude toward the murderer stood out to Jack Sui (’20) the most. Jack is impressed because he thinks that Chris as a person whose mom is killed by racists, instead of hating those people and revenging, Chris, still remains calm towards those racists and make comments from a rational perspective. CHC students can learn that hatred shall never be used to fight against hatred, and hatred can only be defeated by love. Jack thinks that Chris is a person with true motivation: Chris sincerely believes that what he has done — giving speeches, spreading love — can make society better places. Jack wants more speakers who can inspire students and teach students knowledge that they cannot learn from academic courses should be invited. He thinks that CHC invites speakers because CHC wants us to have more connections with society and realize that some events — either good ones or bad ones — are happening every day around us.