Cape Henry Witnesses a Great Message from a Strong Forgiver  


Chris Singleton, as we all know, is a strong man internally and externally. He is a stellar athlete but also teaches us dolphins how to forgive and explains his message “Love is stronger than hate”.

Addison Cox says Chris Singleton is a selfless man that taught her not only how to forgive but the faith that is required in order to do so. Addison shares the same religious beliefs as Chris Singleton and belives his message is a motivating message. She hopes we have more speakers like Chris that teach us about positive movements and messages. She admires how strong Chris is for forgiving the killer of his mother. Addison states if we could all learn to forgive, then revenge would never take place and there would be much more peace among us all. 

Tyler Follis is similar to Addison for as he too took forgiveness as the biggest part of Chris Singleton’s message. Tyler said, “Chris did not only teach us how to forgive, but he also taught us how to love.” Tyler describes Chris as a loving and caring person. Tyler shares his Christian beliefs with Chris and sees everyone as a brother and sister in this world as Chris does too. Tyler would love Cape Henry to bring in more of the most educated and polite people like Chris Singleton.

Ford Brooks admired how positive Chris was even through the darkest times of his life. This taught Ford to stay positive in life no matter what the situation is. Ford has learned to be optimistic and hope for the best don’t ever get down and be depressed just make everything be good again. Ford describes Chris Singleton as an enthusiastic and inspirational speaker. Ford and Chris Singleton both share a love for sports which keeps Ford positive by giving him some time to have some fun. Ford wants more speakers like Chris Singleton and wants to know about the terrible events in the world that take place, but he wants to know how to react in a positive way through any circumstance.