Chris Singleton’s Message


When asked what she thought about Chris Singleton’s message, class of 2022 Adia Colven said, “I really liked the message about forgiveness especially in this day in age”. Adia said that one thing he thinks Cape Henry students can learn from Chris’ presentation is how to be more open and receptive to people who may be different than you. When asked to describe Chris, Adia said that she felt he was “resilient, forgiving and inspirational”.

Becca McSweeney, Cape Henry class of 2022, said that she admired how Chris was able to forgive so easily because forgiveness is not something everyone is able to do and the fact that he was able to do under such severe circumstances says a lot about who he is as a person. Beca feels that one thing everyone at Cape Henry can learn from Chris Singleton’s presentation is to respect others no matter what they look like or believe in and also to not be so quick to judge people. When asked how she would describe Chris Becca gave three answers “Brave, Honest and Forgiving.” 


Jack Kainer Cape Henry class of 2020 said that one thing that stood out the most during Chris Singleton’s presentation was that he was able to relate to not just one group of people, throughout his entire presentation Chris was able to connect with numerous amounts of people of different ages, ethnicity, etc. One thing Jack believes everyone can learn from Chris Singleton’s presentation is the importance of forgiveness and the fact that forgiveness is for you and not the person you are forgiving it is to help you move on. When asked to describe Chris, Jack said, “He seems like a great guy that everyone can relate to, I admire the fact that he was able to push through everything eve after his mother was brutally murdered”.