“Love is stronger than hate.”


On Wednesday, September 11th Chris Singleton came to Cape Henry to share his story. Singleton grew up in Charleston, South Carolina where he pursued his baseball career and lived with his family. Singleton shared with us his story of his mother being a victim in the Charleston shooting on June 17th, 2015. His story was empowering and motivational according to the students.

Madeline Ripa, class of ‘20, stated that her favorite part of his speech was his point he made about how 10% of someone’s life is what they can’t change and how 90% of your life is how they react to that 10%. Madeline liked this because of how this changed her perspective on many things. She learned to be more accepting of life’s challenges through his speech and described Singleton as “strong, mindful, and motivated.” Along with that Simon Altmeyer, Class of ‘20, enjoyed the story of how Singleton learned to forgive his mother’s shooter and how strong Singleton must have been to do such an action. Simon learned to overcome hate with love and found Singleton to be a great role model and fearless person. Lastly, Trent Jones, class of ‘20, stated that Singleton’s speech was inspiring, cool, and saw how driven Singleton is. Trent learned that love is stronger than hate, which was a key point in Singleton’s message to the audience. Overall, these three seniors thoroughly enjoyed Singleton’s speech and they enjoy distinguished speakers visiting Cape Henry because of how “people with different life experiences share their different stories, that usually have important life lessons,” says Madeline Ripa (‘20).