Commencement Address from Caroline Beaulieu

Student-Selected Student Speaker for Class of 2019 Graduation

Good afternoon, Cape Henry students, faculty, friends, and family.  

I cannot believe that I am standing here before all of you today delivering a message from the class of 2019.  It is a great honor to be a speaker at graduation and to share a few last words that embody the meaning of this monumental day.  I would first like to thank my parents, who have given me the best possible experience at Cape Henry. They have supported me in all aspects of my time in upper school and have allowed me to experience a community like no other.  I have formed amazing friendships here that I know will last a lifetime, even once we leave these familiar halls. The class of 2019 has grown even closer than we were before in these past few months, as we all came to the realization that high school does not last forever and we will soon be going our separate ways, to face the world.  We have supported one another over the years, and while we may have challenged one another from time to time, we truly have become a family, and for this, I am so grateful.

I would be remiss if I did not thank all of my wonderful teachers, who have pushed me not only academically but have also had a hand in shaping my character and supporting me through every obstacle.  While I cannot name all the teachers who have made such an impact, I would like to thank Mr. McGraw, who never fails to brighten my day, Mrs. Cabreros who always “just gets it” and makes me laugh, Mr. Smith, who has given me an unwavering appreciation for music and Madame Old, who has supported me in all that I have accomplished this year.  My advisor Mr. Facemire, as well as my advisory, holds a special place in my heart, as it represents the very beginning of my upper school journey and a place I was able to make new friends and form bonds that would carry me through the next four years.

I am going to miss many aspects of my life here at Cape Henry, but I mostly will miss the people who I saw every day and who have made my life so much sweeter.  When I asked other members of the senior class what they will miss most about Cape Henry, they all had a similar feeling to my own. They are also going to miss seeing the faces of teachers and students they always recognize, they are going to miss their teammates and coaches that they have been with for years, and most of all, they are going to miss the unique, once in a lifetime community that Cape Henry provided us with these past four years.  There are members of our senior class who have been here for thirteen years, while others only for one; yet, we are still a family.

I feel that each class of Cape Henry Collegiate leaves one lasting impression on the school, one defining characteristic for which it will always be remembered.  I hope that our class will be remembered for not only our big endeavors but also the little things that we have accomplished over the years here at Cape Henry. I hope the class of 2019 is remembered for our continuous inquisitive nature over the years, for our impressive athletic achievements, especially state titles in field hockey and soccer this year, for keeping the senior lounge the cleanest it has ever been, for our passionate dedication to causes like meningitis and pajama jams, for having a member of our class who has produced their own music album, for being the first senior class to have prom in the gym (which was absolutely amazing) and for the Nexus trips that have gone far and wide, including the senior Morocco trip in just a few days.  

Once we leave this gymnasium today, we will all be going on different paths of life and have different futures ahead of us.  We are all headed off to do great things, in college and beyond. While each and every person here has a different road ahead, we all have become the people that we are today through our time here at Cape Henry.  I am so grateful to have this school as my roots, as I now feel prepared for the world that lies ahead of me. But even more so, I would not want to have this common tie with anyone other than the members of this senior class.  It has been an honor being a part of this student body and of the class of 2019. As we begin our future today, I am reminded of the famous quote “Don’t look back, you’re not going that way”. And while it is true that we must look forward to what lies ahead, I think that, having gone to Cape Henry and having been surrounded by such inspiring people all these years, we will be compelled to look back from time to time and smile at the experiences we had.  Thank you.