Faculty Spotlight on Mr. Tyler Faubert


Photo Credit – Mr. Daniel Burke

Tyler Faubert is well known around the Cape Henry community because he and his family have been around for so long. However, there are a few people who may not know him because he is very busy and often keeps to himself.

Tyler Faubert is currently the Assistant Athletic Director at Cape Henry Collegiate, along with being the Director of Auxiliary Programs. Tyler has grown up in Virginia Beach, Virginia his entire life right down the street from Cape Henry Collegiate. He went to Cape Henry for 15 years, until he graduated in 2009. Tyler’s father, Ed, works in the Athletic Department at Cape Henry and worked there the entire time Tyler was at Cape Henry. Tyler also has an older brother named Brandon who graduated from Cape Henry. Brandon is now married and lives in Delaware, where he is a Naval Engineer. During Tyler’s time at Cape Henry, he was a stellar baseball player and after transferring to Ferrum College, pitched at the collegiate level for 2 years. While Tyler isn’t at Cape Henry or a sporting event, he loves all types of music and playing the guitar.

When Tyler Faubert was asked of a word that is used to describe him he said, “introverted” or “reserved.” Tyler isn’t the most outgoing person; however, that doesn’t hold him back from being an outstanding varsity baseball coach and giving great pre-game speeches to hype the team up. When Tyler was asked what he enjoyed the most about his time at Cape Henry, he responded, “It feels like home and I never want to leave this place!” Tyler still frequently talks with teachers that he had in the past including Kim Johnson and Tracey Pinkin.  His plan for ten years down the road is to be an Athletic Director at whichever school allows.

During Tyler’s time as a student at Cape Henry, his favorite subjects were Tom Rodger’s Physics class and Tracey Pinken’s Anatomy class. Tyler’s greatest lifetime accomplishment in his eyes was graduating college. He felt as if he was starting the next chapter of his life after that point, which was exciting to him. Tyler said that his two favorite movies are Fight Club and Ready Player One – two completely different movies – he said he has seen both of them numerous times. However, his all time favorite TV Show is Game of Thrones which he watches repetitively daily.

Since Tyler is a major music fan and loves playing the guitar, he was questioned if he could meet any musician dead or alive, who would it be? Tyler answered, “Bob Marley. He had such a positive outlook on life. His music has inspired so many people, and I would just want to talk to him about that and hear him play some music.”

Tyler was asked if there was anything else he wanted to add about himself and he said, “I bleed red, grey and white! I am all Cape Henry and I always will be. I am so appreciative that I can be a part of this community and I love it here.”