Student Spotlight on Paul Sawyer, Class of 2019

When you ask his fellow classmates about Paul Sawyer, they will tell you that he is a chill, positive, and overall likable guy.  In fact, his personality earned him the “Most Laid Back” senior superlative for Cape Henry’s Class of 2019. Paul will attend Flagler College in the fall, where he plans on joining the surf team.  Flagler is located in Saint Augustine, Florida and is just a couple of blocks down from the beach. This location complements Paul’s love for surfing perfectly and is a big reason for why Paul chose to go to Flagler.  Other schools that Paul considered were USC, UNF, ECU, and Charleston. However, none of these schools could provide the combination of both the beach location and the quality education that he would receive at Flagler.  At this point, Paul is unsure of what he wants to do after college, but he plans to major in business administration. He says that he will eventually specify his major even more after he finds something that he is certain that he is passionate about.  

Paul first came to Cape Henry at the start of his eighth-grade year.  When looking back on his time at Cape Henry, he says his favorite teacher has been Mr. Palmer.  Mr. Palmer’s incredible knowledge and enthusiasm for teaching have caused him to be a favorite among many other students along with Paul.  Mr. Palmer also teaches what Paul claimed to be the most impactful class that he took at Cape Henry, which is Econ. Although Paul says that the principles of economics can be a little boring, Mr. Palmer does a great job in keeping the whole class engaged.  Paul also says Econ was probably the most relevant class he took at Cape Henry. Knowing he will have to take another economics class while at Flagler when pursuing his degree in business administration, he feels that he will already have a head start on everyone else because of the class at Cape Henry.

CHC is more than just a building, and more than just a place to learn. Most importantly, it’s about the community. Paul says the thing that he will miss the most about Cape Henry is all of the friends he has made here since his 8th-grade year.  Paul’s upbeat personality and great sense of humor have caused him to bond with many of his peers over the past five years. Fellow senior Parker Tanner-Vigil says “Paul is probably one of the nicest guys that I know. He has the ability to make the people around him feel welcome. Oh, and he sure knows how to make people laugh.” Parker’s kind words about Paul were not an anomaly, as it is almost a guarantee that anyone who has spoken to Paul for at least five minutes would say something similar.  Paul says that he has no regrets about his time here at Cape Henry, as he is someone who prefers not to dwell in the past. He is all about living in the moment, which is something that Paul does so well.  

Thank you for your time and commitment to Cape Henry, Paul.  You will be greatly missed by everyone here, and we can’t wait to see what you will do in the future.