Prama, Promposals, and Pandemonium

April showers bring not only May flowers, but also prama, promposals, and pandemonium. Prama, short for Prom drama, commonly blooms with the coming of spring and lasts until Prom is over, or even a few days after, based on what said drama was about. Sometimes friendships are formed, others are fixed, but a few are fractured; in the end, everyone intends on having a good time.

Promposal: someone’s invitation, or asking out, of someone else to Prom. It’s not asking someone to marry you, or asking someone to date you, but it is placing people under the risk of rejection. For instance, in a video taken by student journalist Barrett Nickles ‘20, George Burns ‘20, asked friend and classmate Rachael Sifen ‘20 to Prom with a container of Clorox wipes. During his AP US Government class, George creatively requested that she “clean up his act and go to Prom with [him].” Unfortunately for George, the container was empty and seemed to lack any inkling of sincerity, which landed him in the reject group at first. After the classroom of laughter died down, and having some time to clarify with Rachel, she eventually said yes, but whether it was out of pity or sincerity shall remain a mystery.