District Chorus 2019


Every year, students in the CHC choirs under the direction of Mr. Sammie Logan audition for a spot in one of the three all-district choirs. If selected, there are rehearsals for three consecutive days, ending with a concert on the third day for parents and friends.

Payton Snead ‘21 is a member of the women’s chorus at Cape Henry. She has auditioned for district chorus every year since 6th grade and participated every year except for one. Payton was very familiar with the audition process and expressed “this year I hoped I would make district, and I felt nervous even though I have been through the process many times!” Payton is unlike Hannah Gunn ‘21 who is new to our CHC community and the women’s chorus this year. As this was Hannah’s first year auditioning for district chorus, she went into the audition not expecting to make it but was pleasantly surprised when she did. The Cape Henry choir director, Mr. Logan, has been involved with district chorus for 25 years. Every year he has served in several capacities such as the District Representative, which included duties that entailed being the liaison to the SA Choral Directors Association. Mr.  Logan shared that “my primary responsibility at district chorus is to make sure everything that is needed gets done, whether it be setting up the risers, giving out lunches, or going to sectional rehearsals.” Mr. Logan also pointed out that he really encourages his students to attend district because the experience is something you can’t get in your individual school.  

When asked what her experience was like, Payton responded that she felt the learning process was tedious, but she was extremely relieved and happy about the turnout of the songs. She also loved the songs because she believed they had important meanings and good harmonies.   Mr. Logan felt rewarded this year because of how well his students had prepared the material previously. Hannah said the primary reason she loved district this year is because of the combination of different people who shared the same talent and passion as her. Her favorite part of the whole weekend was the concert because all of the hard work put in paid off and it sounded fantastic. Mr. Logan shared that his favorite part of the weekend was hearing a Cape Henry student as the number one delegate to the All Virginia Chorus. Payton said having a fun and engaging choral director and meeting new friends were two things that she loved most about the weekend.

Congratulations to all who participated.