2019 Prom Fashion Show


MCs Halle Speight ‘20 and Marco Benedetto ‘19 pose before the show. These two along with Landon Clay ‘20 and George Burns ‘20 kept the audience laughing and engaged under their presenting.

On Monday, February 4th, members and friends of the Cape Henry community gathered in the Perry Auditorium to watch the 2019 Prom Fashion Show and the Mr. and Mrs. Cape Henry Competition. The show was run by announcers Marco Benedetto, George Burns, Landon Clay, and Halle Speight, all from the Class of 2020. The room was full of smiles and laughter from the announcers’ humor, the question panel and the talent acts from the Mr. and Ms. Cape Henry contestants, and the models on the runway. Towards the end of the show, the competitors Danny Bannister ‘19 and Morgan Jones ‘19 were crowned Mr. and Mrs. Cape Henry, with a dolphin spirit award going to John Ermini ‘19.

The juniors and seniors put on an unforgettable show with their enthusiasm and well-rehearsed performances. One member of the audience, Olivia Van Horn ‘19 explained that she “liked how the announcers, the runway walkers, and the contestants kept the show funny and enjoyable.” She added that because “the walkers all had good choices of music, the show was really fun to watch.” For runway-walker Addison Cox ‘20, her favorite part of the show was when her “whole grade came together” and she explained that “because my grade is very diverse and we don’t hang out or know each other very well, being able to dance and laugh with everyone was a lot of fun.” Addison also added that she will definitely participate in the Mr. and Ms. Cape Henry Competition next year because “I love Cape and I love making people laugh and bringing people together.” On the other hand, announcer and runway-walker Landon Clay ‘20 expressed that there’s “Not a chance” he will compete in the competition because “sitting up on stage being judged is awkward since most of it is improv.” Landon, however, loved “being one of the hosts because I got to announce the contestants and tasks for Mr. and Ms. Cape Henry and have fun with it.”

To get the view of one of the competitors of the Mr. and Ms. Cape Henry Competition, Cameron Ciolfi was asked why he decided to compete. Cam explained that “I decided to compete because in 20 years I know that I want to look back on my high school experience with as many memories as possible.” When asked if he was nervous he said that “as soon as I arrived at Cape Henry, I began to feel a lil sense of butterflies in my tummy.” Cam said he relieved his nerves by “sitting back and blasting music in my mom’s truck for 10 minutes to get away my nervousness.”