Top 10 Fashion Trends of 2018

Fuzzy Jackets: The beginning of the 2018 fall season marked the first appearances of the fuzzy jackets. Whether they are zip ups or pullovers, girls and guys can be seen wearing these jackets around school. The fuzzy fabric provides not only warmth but also comfort to get their owners throughout the chilly fall and winter days. Mason Wolff (‘19) shared, “I love my fuzzy jacket. It keeps me so warm and cozy.”


Vans: Whether it be the classic slip-on, or the high top vans, Vans have made a very large appearance in the student body in 2018. Our peers agree, with six of them mentioning vans as one of the top 10 trends of 2018. Vans are a comfortable and stylish sneaker option with many different styles and colors.


Scrunchies: Popular in the 1980s and 90s, the scrunchie trend has returned. Scrunchies are often worn on the wrist to accessorize, or used to put hair up. There are now many different colors, fabrics, and designs on scrunchies to make them fashionable and cute. Scrunchies are also preferred over normal hair ties because they are more gentle on the hair.

Flare Pants: Flare pants have been the buzz of almost all of the high school girls since the beginning of the 2018 school year. The most popular pair is a style made by Free People that comes in a variety of colors. Anyone who has worn these pants has added their own touch and style to complete their outfit, making their own fashion statement. These pants have shown to not go out of season and never out of style since they can be worn dressed up or down.

New Balances: New Balances have grown to be a basic lace-up sneaker that everyone seems to love. New Balance has their lifestyle shoes which are very popular when going for an “athleisure” look. They come in all different color variations, limited edition prints, and different styles for everyone. Nick Roland ‘19 explained how he thinks the guys wear New Balances as part of their look to make it look like “they just came from the gym.”

Patagonia Jackets/Hoodies: As the winter season rolled around, the Patagonia jackets rolled out and onto campus. Girls and guys at Cape Henry love not only the warmth of these jackets but also the different styles and colors available. Landon Clay ‘20 says, “I love my Patagonia because it keeps me warm and dry.” One of the most common Patagonia jackets for girls is the fleece pullover and for guys, it is the nano puff jacket.  

Jean Jackets: A look that seems to never fade, jean jackets have had a large presence at Cape Henry. They have been worn by both girls and guys in a variety of colors and styles. A go-to by both genders is a jean jacket with a fleece color, which provides warmth for cold winter days and a cute statement. Jean jackets have proven to be a staple piece in most students’ closets in 2018 due to their versatility.

Platform shoes: Whether it be sandals or sneakers, platform shoes have made a large appearance around the CHC Community. There are hundreds of different styles and colors that have been worn by the girls throughout each season. Platform sandals have shown to be most popular during the early fall, late spring, and summer, while platform sneakers are a year-round staple.

On U necklaces: The classic On U necklaces are essential to many girls at Cape Henry. There are an immense amount of styles of On U necklaces ranging from the different lengths, colors, and sizes of beads. Each On U is beautifully handcrafted and can be worn with any outfit whether one is dressing up or going for a more casual look.

White Nike socks: White Nike socks have shown to be a key necessity to completing a guy’s outfit at Cape Henry. Many guys are seen sporting these crew length socks in white around campus. Whether they are being worn with a sneaker or hidden under pants with dress shoes, many guys support these Nike socks as an essential trend of 2018.