Best Fast Food Restaurants of 2018

#1 Chick-fil-a-  Chick-fil-a is a huge attraction for the Cape Henry community. “It’s closer and cheaper than most other places, and it simply tastes better than any other place.” -Stock Watson ‘19


#2 Bagel Baker- Bagel Baker is a convenient place that is very close to the CHC campus. Did you know that the owner, George Stepanovich, has close ties to CHC? His wife, Ms. Vasilow, is a Lower School teacher and his sister, Ms. Stepanovich, teaches Upper School Spanish.  (It’s not uncommon to see them helping out in the mornings or on the weekends.) It is a perfect location and has a great atmosphere that the Cape Henry students are very attracted to.


#3 Panera- The Cape Henry community chose Panera as a Top 10 option because of its relatively healthy menu options. Students love the location, menu options, and the “fast food “ service that is provided by Panera.


#4 Tropical Smoothie- Tropical Smoothie provides a nice combination of smoothies and quality food. Students are often times wanting a quick smoothie for a snack or a quick and delicious meal. In relation to the CHC campus, the location is not as close as other options, but worth the 10-minute drive.


#5- Jimmy Johns- This is a popular spot for the Cape Henry community to grab a quick bite. It is very, very close to campus and is priced reasonably. “Jimmy Johns is the place to go to get a quality lunch in a short amount of time,” adds Caroline Estes (’19). With the seniors’ privilege to leave campus during lunch, many take advantage of this quick option.


#6- Dunkin’ Donuts- The coffee and breakfast items at Dunkin’ Donuts are the main reasons that CHC students stop by this hot spot. Most students stop into Dunkin’ on their way into school for a quick caffeine pick-me-up or to grab a nice snack.


#7- Five Guys- The food is greasy, and students love the greasy food for lunch and dinner.” (Brendan Hawley ‘21) Five Guys is a typical spot for the CHC students to spend the weekends or lunch breaks picking up some food. The pace in which the meals are prepared is convenient for the Upper School age group, while the pricing of the meals is becoming more expensive than competing spots.


#8-Taco Bell- With a family connection to CHC senior, Jason Paphites, the community loves to stop by Taco Bell for a fast Mexican meal. Taco Bell is conveniently located right down the street from campus, making Taco Bell a Top 10 for the Cape Henry community.


#9- Wendy’s- Wendy’s made the Top 10 list for Cape Henry because of its proximity to campus and its quick delivery of yummy food. Wendy’s is a place where students will have a meal that is full of good taste and easy on their wallets. The senior class is seen at Wendy’s often, especially if they are using their off-campus lunch privileges to quickly grab a meal without spending too much.


#10-Hardee’s- Wrapping up the Top 10 list of fast food places is Hardee’s. This is a huge hit for breakfast time around the community. Students are seen with Hardee’s breakfast meals and drinks at the beginning of the day to start their morning off.