Humans of Cape Henry – Wlad Gassant – Class of 2019

Humans of Cape Henry - Wlad Gassant - Class of 2019

Background- Wlad Gassant was born in Miami, Florida. He moved to Haiti as a young child and lived there for the majority of his childhood. He then moved to Virginia Beach in the year 2012 with his mother. He adapted to the change of culture very well as a kid, as he settled into his new life in Virginia Beach. Wlad spent lots of time and energy studying English, quickly making himself comfortable in the United States.

Interests- Wlad has dedicated 15 years of his life to playing soccer, some of those years for Cape Henry. Wlad plays soccer on the Boy’s Varsity soccer team at Cape Henry, and also for a travel team outside of school. He is an active member of the Beach FC soccer club and has been for 4 years.

Accomplishments- Athletically, Wlad has accomplished many things throughout his time at Cape Henry. With his hard work ethic and dedication to soccer, Wlad has received recognition as a member of the First Team All TCIS, First Team All-State, and was named the Player of the Year.

Best Experiences- When asked to share one of his best life experiences, Wlad shared an experience from when he went to Italy with his soccer team. He went on the trip two years ago. “It was fun because it was my first time in Italy, and the pizza there was amazing.” Wlad also highlighted how peaceful and nice the city was, and how that is something that he will always remember.

Tough Experiences/Lessons Learned- Wlad’s hometown (Haiti) was hit by a terribly destructive earthquake in 2010. It forced his mom and him to move to the United States, and leave family and friends behind. Wlad had to work extra hard to adapt to the US and the English language. This was the toughest experience that Wlad has had to face. He faced challenges with communicating with new people, making new friends, and altogether just starting a new life while leaving so much behind him.

Future hopes/plans- Wlad hopes to play soccer at the collegiate level during his next four years. After college, his dream is to play professional soccer. If he does not play soccer professionally, his back up plan is to become either a lawyer or a doctor.