Humans of Cape Henry – Briggs Standing – Class of 2019


Briggs Standing, Class of 2019, lived with his younger brother, his mother, and his father.  He started his education at Children’s House for Pre K then he went to Norfolk Academy for Middle School. After two years at Woodberry Forest, he joined Cape Henry for his last two years of high school. Briggs is a good academic student when he is interested in what he is learning.


Growing up, Briggs was into many different sports – way more sports than he does now. He has played ALL of the following: basketball, wrestling, cross country, track, football, and lastly lacrosse.  Ever since he was a young kid, he loved sports and was always looking for a new event to participate in. I call people like Briggs an avid sports individual, meaning that he is into many different sports and always finds a way to be good at most of them.  

Something most people do not know about him

What most people don’t know about Briggs is that he is very good at skiing and most of his friends at school don’t really know that about him because he doesn’t just jump up and tell everyone.  He shared that his father is the best skier in his family. People also don’t know that he has been heli-skiing with his family in France which I find very cool and different.  


A member of the Cape Henry Cross Country team, a member of the Varsity Track team, and lastly, a member of the Boys Varsity Lacrosse team this upcoming spring, Briggs is a true team player.  

Lessons learned

He always keeps in mind that things could always be worse and lots of people have worse lives, so you can get through what you need to get through.  He also likes to remember a quote from his grandfather: “ It’s okay to grow old, but not okay to grow up.”

Hopes and plans for the Future

He hopes he would find a well-paying job having something to do with finance or journalism.  He enjoys learning about and working with these two topics.