Humans of Cape Henry: Mr. Harrison Land – “Front Desk Guy” and Main Office Manager



Harrison Land was born and raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia alongside an older brother and a younger sister.  Harrison attended Old Donation School for elementary before going to Kemps Landing for Middle School, and Cox High School. Afterward, he studied at James Madison University for five years and graduated in 2014.  When Harrison first arrived at JMU, he had “no idea” what he wanted to do but knew he liked science and tech, so he decided to study Biochemistry Business to potentially become a pharmaceutical sales representative.  Harrison changed his mind to study Biotechnology and looked for work in the industry after graduating from JMU, but was competing with students with Masters degrees and could not find a job. Between his graduation and joining the CHC staff, Harrison had multiple different odd jobs, making him a jack-of-all-trades.


Harrison enjoys electronic music, producing and deejaying some of his own compositions.  Surfing and going outdoors are two of his favorite hobbies, as well as skate- and snowboarding.  Among these interests, Harrison also finds himself reading online about geopolitics or alternate histories.

Something Most People Do Not Know About Harrison:

Sharing a similar theme with some of his interests, Harrison likes researching conspiracy theories and participating in investigative journalism.

Best Experiences:

Some of Harrison’s favorite times have been on surfing trips.  Some of the best destinations he has been to are Costa Rica, Cabo, and Southern California.


Harrison shared that he is very talented at party tricks, explaining that he can run up walls and perform backflips.

Experiences and Lessons:

Because of an accident during one of his tricks, Harrison required ligament surgery on his thumb.  He advises readers, “Don’t do backflips off a chair!”

Hopes and Plans for the Future:

Harrison wishes to become a successful entrepreneur and an established music producer.  He also included that he wants to start a family and surf some good waves, which might mean he must travel somewhere else, joking “the waves here are bad.