Humans of Cape Henry: Dajour Rucker – Class of 2019


Dajour Rucker has lived in Virginia Beach his whole life towards the bayside area. He attended 2 Elementary schools being, Shelton Park and Beddy F. Williams. He also attended Bayside Middle school for 3 years, Bayside High school for 1 year, and then came to Cape Henry and reclassed in 9th grade. He hopes to graduate from Cape Henry next June; Dajour’s family consists of his mother, father, brother, sister, and dog named “Polo”.


Dajour started playing basketball in middle school but he “wasn’t very good”. The transition from middle school to high school fro him helped and he started putting in more work and effort. His favorite class at Cape Henry is Mr Anguilly’s class called intro to happiness where they are all open to expressing their feelings. Dajour loves the sound of the Viola in a symphony.

Something most people don’t know about him:

When Dajour was asked what something is that most people don’t know about him he replied, “How much I love all types of music”.

Best Experiences:

Dajour loves playing basketball every time he gets the chance, whether at the local rec center or at a big tournament in California. He loves Disney and he still remembers the time he went to Disneyland when he was 8. He said that was his favorite experience because he got to meet all of his favorite characters and ride so many rides.


At 6’6″, Dajour is a natural athlete.  At Bayside Middle School. he played tight end and won the city championship, and then the same year he was on the Bayside middle school basketball team and won the city championship in that too. Dajour plays basketball on the Cape Henry Varsity basketball team and has 1,000 career points for Cape Henry. He has won 3 MVPs for Cape Henry and looks to add another one after this season.

Tough Experiences:

Dajour was kicked out of elementary school in 2nd grade for throwing scissors across the classroom. He attended a military elementary school and he made one small mistake so he was dismissed from the school, he has felt that in his past so he tries to always do the right thing and thing before you act.

Lessons Learned:

Dajour learned from the scissor throwing experience that one small mistake could ruin your life, but he didn’t let that put him on the wrong path. He also said he lives by the motto “We all die one day” so he acts in the moment and doesn’t ever put anything off until later.

Hopes and Plans for the Future:

Dajour hopes to play in the NBA so that he can get paid for doing what he loves. If this doesn’t work out then he wants to be a salesman and sell either chairs or dish soap because “everyone will always need dish soap and chairs.”