Humans of Cape Henry: Brady Old – Class of 2020


Brady Old, class of ‘20, moved from school to school according to elementary, middle, and high school. In elementary, Brady attended Redmill, in middle attended Princess Anne Middle, and in high school where he is currently finishing up his second to last year, Brady is attending Cape Henry. Brady was raised in Virginia Beach and now lives in Sandbridge, a long commute to school, with his small family of only his mom, dad, and older sister who is in college.


Brady’s interests consist of lacrosse, of which he’s been playing for years, orange juice, and interpreting the Articles of Confederation, as Brady considers himself major history buff which shows through in his history classes.

Something most people don’t know about him:

Brady considers “failing” math to be one thing most people don’t know about him, “failing” his math test being a contributing factor to that. Although Brady is not technically failing, it is apparent he holds himself to a higher standard in terms of grades and knowledge. Brady also added as something people might not know is that he has lived in the same house his whole life.

Best experience:

Brady’s best experience thus far has been traveling to Spain on a nexus trip, accredits this to the people he was with on the trip – students and teachers -, the deep culture of Spain, and the atmosphere of the trip. As the trip was almost a two-week hike, Brady shared the Spanish air with the people on his trip, becoming closer to them and becoming closer to the culture surrounding him.

Toughest experience:

Brady had nothing to mention on the topic of his toughest experiences; he is thankful he hasn’t had any tough happenings this far into his life.


Brady views his accomplishments as playing varsity lacrosse, a sport he is clearly passionate about and prides himself on. He loves the team, the thrill of the game, but being on the team leaves him with a sense of greater success. Jokingly, Brady also mentioned passing math being his greatest accomplishments.

Lessons Learned:

Always work hard.

Hopes and Plans For Future:

Brady had no concrete plans about his future, he seems to be still forming his dreams and aspirations, but two jobs he is striving to work in the future – the coast guard and a lawyer after – because they make money.

Last Random:

He has a visible – yet mostly unnoticed by his classmates – birthmark on the side of his left leg.