Kanye West – Leader in What World?

West’s Fame Allows Him a Powerful Political Voice

A lot of talk in 2018 in the pop culture and in politics have been revolving around one person for the most part – that person is Donald Trump.  Hated by many but also liked by many, he is still none other than a very controversial man. He hugged the leader of North Korea and had a man to man conversation with Hip Hop icon Kanye West.  Kanye West, during the couple of years Trump has been President, has always shown his gratitude towards Trump’s views and outlooks on politics, and this erupts major controversy in the daily pop culture news.  

In asking some fellow students at Cape Henry their opinion on their relationship, a lot of different things were said.  Firstly Mason Wolff (CHC Senior 19) responded that she thinks that ¨Kanye and Trump’s relationship over the years is for pure publicity because they are two completely different individuals who don’t have much in common and never have lived the same lifestyle in order to have the same views.¨  Next, she has a hard time believing that what Kanye speaks about comes from his heart and that he only does it to create a bigger following with his loyal fans. In asking does she support Trump’s views and what he’s done for our country so far she answered, She personally doesn’t support anything trump says whatsoever.  She states she isn’t against the people that like him but she feels like everything that comes out of his mouth is seeming to always go against someone or something in the world important or not. Lastly, she generally answers the last question of do you like West’s Music and she responded, She indeed does like Kanye’s music and thinks he’s a talented artist that she and her friends all enjoy.  So that’s why she doesn’t understand why he is making a huge name for himself in politics and not sticking to what he is a master at (that being music).

Next, I interviewed Lily Grant (CHC Student 19) and she had a bit to say about this topic also.  Asked how does she feel about Kanye and Trump’s relationship she rebutted ¨she thinks that Kanye and Trump’s relationship is fake, weird and odd to think about when they have nothing in common and the levels they are on are very different.¨  Next, she responds by saying ¨what Kanye speaks about is Meaningful, deep and from the heart, but sometimes he just comes off as dramatic and nonsensical.¨ She thinks some of what he talks about and things makes sense but not all of it is the truth.  She clearly states that she also doesn’t support Trump’s views but she obviously wants him to do good for our country in the long run because he is indeed our president. Lastly, In being asked does she enjoy Kanye’s music she revamped she really likes Kanye’s music because of the way he mixes melodies with his natural voice and sounds but thinks that all he she pay attention to and not the political side of the world because it questions his actual intelligence.  

The Last person I interviewed was Jack Kainer (CHC Student 20) says that he supports Kanye fully within his music but when it comes down to politics he doesn’t really know what to say at the right times.  He says that “ Kanye West thinks that his opinion is final and is the correct answer no matter what and almost 100% of the time that is not the case. Jack Clearly thinks that Kanye isn’t stupid but when it comes to things that he doesn’t know about fully such as politics he doesn’t always make the most sense.