College Applications Stressing Out Seniors

Now is the time of year when seniors get stressed with their enormous workload. The workload includes things like sports, academics, and most importantly college applications. The stress of not knowing if you got into to college or not knowing if you had done everything you need to do for the application process is hard on the seniors.

When Brett Dudley(19’) was asked about the application process she said she felt “very stressed.” Brett Dudley’s dream college is William and Mary; when she was asked why William and Mary was her dream college, she replied, “The campus just reminds me of home.”

However, not everyone has to worry about getting into college. For example, Dajour Rucker (19’) committed to Marshall this past July for basketball, so he doesn’t have the same worries about getting into college. When Dajour Rucker was asked how it feels being committed he said, “A lot of weight is off my shoulders. Now I can focus on my long-term goal of going pro.” Dajour said that he wants to go to Marshall because “they have contacts that can take me to the next level.”

Although students have different scenarios with the college application process, this time of year is when seniors feel tremendous pressure with testing, applications, and deadlines. With the help of teachers and the college counseling office, most students are looking forward to the letters of acceptance rolling in in a few months.