Fall TV: The Season Of Red… or Bloodshed.

TV has become such an important aspect of everyday American’s life. On an average, American adults watch five hours of television a day, around 35 hours a week. Teenagers come in second with 60% spending up to 20 hours a week watching television. One of the main reasons for the rise in television watch time is the content of the shows. More and more cable channels and streaming networks are ultimately trying to create the perfect TV show. They want to create addictive content that watchers just cannot resist, bringing them back week after week. This fall, some of the creators are trying to push the envelope and introduce some of the eeriest, spine-chilling shows yet to air of television, others are bringing their seasons back, spinning the plotline into an unnerving new approach.

One show that always delivers a hair-raising performance each season, is American Horror Story. First airing in 2011, it is coming back for its eighth season stronger and scarier than ever. Fox is bringing back their Wednesday night, ten o’clock fearsome spectacle. This show is able to remove you from normal reality and put you in some terrifying situations. Whether it is escaping the madness of an asylum, or surviving a killer clown, it leaves nothing to the imagination. This eighth season, which aired September 12th, 2018, decided to jump to the future and introduce our world as we see it destroyed by one thing that has been a recent fear for many: nuclear war. This season differs from the seasons before because of something new in the storyline. The producers decided to bring back some of the original characters and plot points of previous seasons. Faith Jones (‘21), who has been a follower since the first season, shared that she thinks, “it will be amazing to have characters from past seasons cross in with the new plotline. They are doing a good job with one of the original characters, leatherman and the witches from the third season.” But all of this connects to a bigger picture. One of the oldest and most popular fan theory is being represented again – that each season represents one of the nine circles of Hell. This season correlates with the circle of violence. All in all, everyone is getting ready to grab a gas mask, bunker down and allow American Horror Story to take over fall television.

Another TV show coming back for their next season is the Netflix Original, Stranger Things. This show decided to give its audience the nostalgia of the 80s and bring back some of the 80s greatest hits, but it came with a catch. A thrilling twist with a new sort of supernatural sense was also in the plotline. Writers had the watches following a young group of outcast kids, who have to face their fears and discover and conquer the world of the upsidedown. It will be coming back for its third season a little bit later than some of the other fall TV shows; the expected air date ranges from November 2018 to late December 2019. Even with the late air date, this doesn’t mean there isn’t just as much anticipation for another season. This show has done a wonderful job providing an eerie story that leaves the watcher with nothing but suspense for what will happen next. It also gives the views of a young love story between some of the characters, allowing some of the older watchers to reminisce in their adolescence. A sophomore, Pheobe More, shared her thoughts that “The writers of the show have given a good balance. As long as the romance factor doesn’t become more important than other character development, or the other factors of the show, then I’m excited.” There is no doubt that the third season of Stranger Things will come back, pulling in tons of views, watchers hope that they don’t pull them too far, it’s not like they want to get stuck in the upsidedown.

One of the shows that will be receiving an entirely new face is the new reboot of Sabrina the Teenage Witch on Netflix. Sabrina the Teenage Witch was a very popular show during the late 90’s, ending seven seasons on April 23rd, 2003. Netflix decided to pick up the show and create an adapted version of the 90’s show, renaming it The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. From what Netflix has shared about the show, there are a few major changes with the series. They have decided to change some of the teenage magic and introduce some sinister satanism, introducing the satanic side to witchcraft. The Netflix show will be airing on October 26th, 2018 and will only provide one season. While the thoughts of having the young witch Sabrina having to choose between the witch world or her former reality with her family might intrigue some, but others are upset that it is straying too far from the original plotline. Junior, Allie Angelo shared her with the reboot. She was initially excited to hear that Netflix decided to pick up the Sabrina franchise, but once hearing about the alterations to the show, and how it won’t be anything like the original, she shared that she will stick to the authentic Sabria. Viewers are just going to have to wait and see if they too will join the dark side.

Switching to television networks, the CW is renewing one of the most popular shows on its network, Riverdale. Riverdale is a television remake of the 1940’s comic, Archie. The CW has stuck mostly to the storyline with the show but decided to throw in a modern effect of mystery and murder. A poll was run out of the Cape Henry student body, and a majority of students will be watching the new season of Riverdale and can’t wait for it to air on Wednesday, October 10th, 2018. This may be because how much suspense the show has with its story and that it leaves you on the edge of your seat each episode. When asked about the new season of Riverdale, Freshman, Ailis Lindgren, shared her thoughts. She stated that she thinks the new season of Riverdale “will bring more drama to the characters and depth to the plot line and story.” When asked if it will clearly follow the other seasons, since this one is supposed to be scarier than the others, she stated that she thinks “it will fit into the overall umbrella of the story for the characters and town, because this is a large series of comics with a broad overall story.” Hopefully, the town of Riverdale is ready for the carnage coming.

Television has come along way since its introduction in 1962 and provides so many different TV show options for the variety of watchers. Whether it’s reality television, 24-7 news or home improvement, there is something for everyone. This fall television season is geared for those who are looking for a fright, and the horror fanatics are well prepared and are eagerly anticipating fall television 2018.