#whychc – Merry Jiang – Class of 2019


One would think that the first week of school, you wouldn’t have that much work, but student Merry Jiang (‘19) has already started working away in the library. She started off her senior year with being a peer leader. The highlight of her first week of school has been seeing Mrs. Johnson, US Science teacher, during advisory and her fellow advisees. Although the first week of school is filled with the pressure of summer work quizzes and tests, Merry loves being able to see her friends back in the hallways of Cape Henry. Merry says, “I’m so excited for senior year and all of the opportunities it has for us.” We all face the struggle of dealing with our back to school morning schedule. Merry described how waking up for school has been one of the main struggles since returning to school. Besides the fact of these struggles, she says being a part of the Cape Henry community is family-like. This family-like community makes every day at Cape Henry such a welcoming environment.