#whychc – Stock Watson – Class of 2019


One would assume by the time a student hits senior year they would have had all the teachers that Cape Henry offers to its student. This was not the case for Stock Watson (‘19). Stock had his first couple classes with Mr. Palmer (US History teacher) and to his relief found him extremely “down to earth” and “a great conversationalist while staying on topic with the class, keeping it interesting.”  Although Stock thoroughly enjoys school, like everyone else he too had struggles acclimating back into his daily school life. When asked what he struggled most with in coming back to school, he mentioned the struggle of “getting acclimated to the bell schedule and having homework every night.” When asked why he thought CHC is a great school to go to, he mentioned he especially loves that he gets to see the various friendly faces in the hallways and cherishes the high level of intelligence in many of the students in the CHC Community.