#whychc – Sr. Willis – Spanish Teacher


The first week of school is a great time for faculty to reconnect with their students after a long summer break. Sr. Willis, US Spanish Teacher, says that this is his favorite part of the first week of school. He, like many other teachers at Cape Henry, has created great bonds with his students due to his passion for the material and his desire for his students to succeed.  Sr. Willis says that his biggest struggle this week has been waking up at 6:00 A.M. as opposed to his usual 8:00 A.M. schedule. He says that it will be a challenge for him to adjust to his new sleeping schedule. When asked why he believes Cape Henry is such a great place to learn and grow, he stated, “Los alumnos quieren aprender y tener éxito. Aquí, estamos preparados para la universidad.” This translates to, “The students want to learn and have success.  Here, we are prepared for college.”