#whychc – Marshall Joyce – Class of 2019


As an aspiring senior, Marshall Joyce (‘19) had a lot to say about his years at CHC.  He admits that he hates waking up in the morning, but he enjoys the task that he has to face every day with his teachers who challenge him.  This year he will face the one and only Tom Rodgers, (US science teacher) who has the reputation of bringing the most out of physics students, and Marshall is ready for the challenge. In the photo above, Marshall was having a great time with his peers in the senior lounge playing ping pong, reliving some of the key moments of summer that had unfortunately been cut short by the start of school. In the CHC community, Marshall enjoys being welcomed by his peers and often has a smile on his face. In my conversation with Marshall, he stated, “Cape Henry is a great learning experience when you want it to be.”