#whychc – Ms. Johnson – Science Teacher

#whychc - Ms. Johnson - Science Teacher

Ms. Johnson, a science teacher and “on campus mom,” was super enthusiastic to talk about her experience with CHC. From being a mother of two, to leading the senior peer leaders, Ms. J loves seeing and guiding the students of CHC. That is what she has expressed her highlight of the week has been. Ms. Johnson had a hard time coming up with her biggest struggle because she hardly has any! However, she did admit that this past Wednesday morning, midway through the week, there was a slight delay in getting up in her household! Ms. Johnson says that CHC has always been a great place to work because it has always “felt great” to her. She describes the community as one where “People are always happy and it is just a great place to be.” We are so thankful for everything Ms. J brings to the Cape Henry Community!