Athlete of the Week – Rileigh Ramirez – Week of January 26, 2018

This week’s Athlete of the Week, senior Rileigh Ramirez, has been a member of the Varsity Cheerleading team since 8th grade, and as the second year Captain embarks on her final Cape Henry Cheerleading adventure, the Dolphins have rallied behind her impeccable leadership.

Typically known as a program training to support and enhance the environment for various teams, the time and energy cheerleaders give is often overlooked.

“Rileigh has shown a tremendous dedication to the sport, as well as her teammates, coaches, and the athletes around her,” Varsity Head Coach Julie Ramsey said of Rileigh. “She has also shown tremendous leadership day in and day out. She is dependable, accountable, and a terrific role model for the younger members.”

On a roster with only five upperclassmen, Rileigh is tasked with leading a young core of Freshmen and Sophomores and has done so in a positive manner.

“Rileigh, above all else, is kind. She is able to deliver constructive criticism in a way the other team members are not defensive but receptive and willing to learn,” Coach Ramsey continued. “She has become more confident and assertive as a leader of the Dolphin Cheerleading program.”

“Rileigh listens well to her teammates and is a terrific teacher, motivating her teammates to push harder each day,” Coach Ramsey said. “Rileigh is the one giving her time and effort to the new girls in order to get the motions and cheers down for the good of the program.”

In a year where the TCIS has allowed stunting to return to Cheerleading, Rileigh has made an immediate impact.

“Her strong foundation in cheerleading and more specifically stunting has been a huge benefit to our program, where she is able to consistently connect the dots for our younger team members,” Coach Ramsey added of Rileigh.

The Dolphins are grateful for the Senior Captain’s dedication, effort, and positive attitude she brings to the program each and every day. The Dolphins will cheer next on Monday, January 29, as Rileigh and the rest of the Cape Henry Cheerleaders prepare to energize the crowd!