Student Spotlight – Harry Zhang – Class of 2018 – A Scholar and a Friend

Born in Beijing China, Haochen (Harry) Zhang has been a hard worker in every one of the six places he has lived. Harry Zhang has lived in Beijing China, Singapore, London, Sydney Australia, Nashville Tennessee, and Virginia Beach. In Beijing Harry lived with his grandmother when he was a child, and after that with his parents in Beijing. When Harry lived in Singapore, Nashville, and Virginia Beach, he lived with host families and in London and Sydney he lived with his best friends.

Harry participates in a wide variety of activities at Cape Henry which include Volleyball, Tennis, The Coffee Company, Investors Club, Model UN, Debate Club, and Robotics Club. When Harry is not immersed in any of these activities after school or studying, he can be found volunteering for fun in ways such as playing chess with people in retirement homes. Harry enjoys playing chess so he views this time as a fun activity not a chore.

Harry’s favorite part about Cape Henry Collegiate School is the independent study program, Harry says he likes that he can start studying something that he finds to be interesting. In ten years Harry hopes to be a doctor or a professor. Whether or not he accomplishes these, he says he will get a job out of college and plans to start up a company. Finally Harry hopes that people see him as a person who supports those he loves and helps his friends.

Harry is very well liked in the Cape Henry community; people see him as a very hard working, motivated individual. His peers are all impressed with his constant work ethic and positive attitude. Julia Skeen (18’) commented on him saying, “He is very hardworking and positive, during college application time he was always asking how my applications were coming and he was happy when I got accepted.” Harry is a very positive kid during all times, even with the stress of college applications he had the time and thought to ask how others were doing and just spread positivity wherever he goes. Nathaniel Thomas (18’) also commented on Harry saying, “He is incredibly intelligent and hardworking.  He will do great things in his lifetime.”

Anyone who knows Harry at the school will say things similar to Nathaniel and Julia’s comment. Harry is supportive of all people around him, he is already achieving his goal of having people view him as a supportive person who helps his friends.