Student Spotlight – Nick Capria – Class of 2019 – The Track Star, The Animator, The Friend

Nick Capria is a kind, determined, creative, and enthusiastic young man, as his friends and family best described him. He is currently a junior who has been at Cape Henry for 12 years. Nick was born in Mount Kisco, New York, and lived there until he moved to Virginia Beach and started school at Cape Henry. Nick is the only child in his family that is still finishing up his education at Cape Henry, while living at home with his mom and dad. In 2010 and 2016, Nick’s brother and sister both graduated and continued their education at the University of Virginia.

At Cape Henry, Nick is involved in track, while outside of school he has impressively earned a 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo. When Nick isn’t doing schoolwork, or busy on the track, he spends his free time animating. “I love gaming and watching YouTube along with animating on the computer.” After graduating, Nick aspires to go to Drexel University after hopefully spending time in Japan. He sees himself working in an animation studio and living wherever his work takes him, after college.

When asked what Nick likes most about Cape Henry, he responded by sharing that he loves  that “seeking help outside of class is so easy and effortless. Also, I love how the teachers are always making sure we’re doing nothing but our best.” Nick has been a diligent student at Cape Henry for the 12 years that he has been here. As described by fellow student Ethan Wolff, “Nick always proves to be hardworking while managing to stay funny.” The two share a Spanish class where Ethan witnesses Nick’s successes and humor first hand.

Above all, Nick enlightens our community with his tenacity, drive, curiosity and kindness. Many students noted that Nick never hesitates to put others before himself and exemplifies the meaning of a true friend every day. “He’s just such a good guy,” Reed Truxell added. Whether in the halls, classroom, track or lunch table, Nick is always smiling and never walks by someone without a greeting. His ability to genuinely care about how someone is really doing when he asks them, is rare and special, and the Cape Henry community is lucky that Nick is a part of it.