The Holy Land is Now The Capital of Israel

In a controversial political move, the 45th President of the United States has recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. President Trump’s decision has sparked much conflict in the United States and the Middle East. Political leaders around the world and members of the CHC community as well have clear opinions about the bold move.  Will the United States follow through on moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem?

The side against the decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital says that this decision will only cause conflict within a region that is already teeming with conflict over various cultural and political problems. These people affirm that the decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel will only impede the process of peace between Palestine and Israel. Julia Skeen (’18) commented on the controversial topic saying, “In a time with fragile relations between Israel and Palestine, this decision should not have been made due to the reactions that will occur in the Middle East.” Skeen’s stance represents the thoughts of many of the people against President Trump’s decision. Another reason people are against the decision to affirm Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is that it gives a clear picture as to whom the United States supports in the Israel-Palestine conflict. Skeen also commented on this issue saying that, “Although the United States is in an alliance with Israel, this decision really shifts the balance of power between Israel and Palestine.” For these reasons, many people do not support the President’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Those who support the decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel say that the decision needed to be made at some point due to our alliance with the state of Israel.    Zach Maiden (’18) said, “Israel has fought and won that city in two separate wars now, so they have earned it as their capital.” This brings to light another point. Since Jerusalem has been won by Israel in multiple wars, as their allies we should respect that right and recognize it. Another point discussed by Maiden was about the response of the people who were against the recognition of Jerusalem toward Trump.  Maiden said, “People have stopped blaming the claims of the region that Israel has no right to exist. They realize that won’t change, and they cower to whatever the opposition (namely Palestine and its allies) wants.  Then, they get mad at Trump for not doing the same.” Those who support the move are saying they will not kneel before the opposition (Palestine) and listen to them but rather stick with their allies.

This decision by President Trump has sparked major controversy both in and outside of the United States. Palestine is not pleased by this decision and this will undoubtedly make talks of peace in the region more difficult.  However, proponents of the change believe it had to be done eventually.  Share your comments below to let us know your thoughts.