2017 Eagles Soaring Past Franchise Records

It has been a record setting season for the Philadelphia Eagles and the regular season isn’t even over yet. The Eagles currently hold the best record in the NFL at 10-1 (not counting preseason games). The Eagles are breaking all kinds of franchise records this year. With their win record, their offensive and defensive success. The real key to their success however is star rookie quarterback, Carson Wentz. Wentz has been shocking people with his statistics and has received praise from people such as Donovan McNabb (a former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback) and all star basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Lebron James, who said,”I just love the way he plays the game. The way that he’s able to get to progressions throughout the course of a three-step drop or a five-step drop, and if everything breaks down, his ability to run, get outside the pocket, either make passes or get yards with his feet.” Under Carson Wentz the Eagles have started 10-1 for just the fourth time in franchise history (tied for their best start all-time through 11 games), and Philadelphia has won a franchise-record-tying 9 consecutive games for just the third time in team history, this team has tied many win streak records and is on the verge of breaking them.

Carson Wentz and the offense are breaking franchise records, they have scored 351 points (leading the NFL) which is the most points scored through 11 games in franchise history and Philadelphia has won 3 straight games by 28 points for the first time in franchise history. All these offensive records have been set by rookie Carson Wentz and their offense. All these records are impressive because last year Philadelphia was last in their division and only won seven games all season. This bounce back from not even making the playoffs last year to leading the NFL is impressive, Gabby Lascari said, “I thought they would be bad due to their unsuccessful season last year so it was surprising that they started winning games.” Conner Spillane said, “I was surprised they did well, I don’t like it because i’m a Cowboys fan.”  Eagles fans at Cape Henry, Carson Averette and Tomas Mariano are excited for the rest of their season. Both saying they hope to see them go to the Super Bowl.

It is not only Carson Wentz and the offense carrying this team, the defense is having a huge impact on their success. As a defense the eagle have only allowed the Chicago Bears 140 total yards of offense in a single game. For a comparison the Bengals are last in the league for yards per game and they are averaging 277 yards per game. Philadelphia has also held opponents to 9 or less points in back to back games, have produced multiple sacks in 8 consecutive games and have grabbed multiple interceptions in 4 consecutive games.

The success of both their offense and defense is combining to create an incredible team that is currently super bowl bound as nobody seems able to stop them.